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Templates for the two most crucial legal documents you need—lawyer-edited and FTC-compliant. Perfect for any kind of franchise.

Franchise Disclosure Document & Franchise Agreement Templates

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  • Legal documents without the legal bills.
    Your franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement are the indispensable "twin tablets" of franchising—essential legal documents that spell out the relationship between you and your franchisees. Our lawyer-edited, easy-to-use templates have made it simple and affordable for more than 200 top franchise law firms across the US and Canada to create these important documents. Now you can leverage the tools used by "the big guys" yourself, no matter what kind of franchise you're launching.

    Franchise Disclosure Document Template
    Required by law, the Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD (formerly known as the UFOC, or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular), informs prospective franchisees of their rights and obligations before they sign your franchise agreement. Our template, which is actively used in all 14 registration states, has been thoroughly edited by two of America's top franchise attorneys and complies with current Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. Whether you're writing your first FDD or updating your disclosure document to comply with FTC rules, our template is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.

    Franchise Agreement Template
    When you and your franchisees "sign on the dotted line," this is the legally binding contract you'll put your pen to. It describes all your rights and obligations, as well as those of your franchisee. Our template is simple to use and completely customizable, providing a franchise agreement that fits your business and protects your interests.

    Format and delivery
    Our FDD and franchise agreement templates are Microsoft® Word documents that are made available for easy downloading immediately after you process your order. All are completely customizable and come with thorough, easy-to-understand instructions and special "guidance boxes" that eliminate guesswork and help you complete your document correctly.

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