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Franchise Consulting

Let us Help You Franchise Your Future

Friendly Business Team

For the ultimate experience in convenience, let us do the work.

Sometimes you're too busy to even fill in the blanks of a template. So if you'd like the time-savings and added confidence that comes with having us do the work for you, consider our consulting services. We'll craft documents to your specifications and deliver finished products that are ready to use. Among our services:

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Your FDD provides key information to potential franchisees and stipulates their rights and obligations in exhaustive detail. Our consultant will guide you in setting initial fees, establishing your royalty structure, and determining the services your franchise offers.

Franchise agreement
This is the binding contract between you and your franchisees. We'll help you develop an agreement that protects your interests. 

Operations Manual
Keep your vision and your business's reputation intact. We'll draft an operations manual that provides clear, comprehensive direction on the daily operation of your service industry or retail franchise. 

Site Selection Manual
Location is everything. Help your franchisees find the most lucrative business sites with a manual that gives clear, thorough guidance on how to conduct smart site research, use an outside agent, and more.

Franchise Sales Training Manual
There is an art to selling franchises. Let us provide a manual that shows you and your team how to do it right, with guidance on connecting with prospects and closing the deal.

Attorney Review
Once you've customized our templates for your franchise, we'll be glad to have one of our experienced franchise attorneys look them over to make doubly sure they capture your vision and protect your interests.

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